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Secure and Reliable Blockchain Services

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We are a trusted name in the Blockchain space.

We provide quality and trusted staking, validation and explorer services to multiple blockhain projects.

We also provide NFT explorer services, as well as multiple Discord-based NFT verification and blockchain event notification applications.

What We Do

We secure multiple mainnet networks with our professional validation services. Our Zenscan series of block explorers are trusted globally by multiple blockchain communities to provide detailed blockchain data. For most of the networks we validate on, we provide the communities with public APIs/RPC endpoints, facilitating a thriving development environment in those communities.

We provide and maintain NFT explorers including Stargaze-Live.io, the premier NFT explorer in the Cosmos ecosystem, providing the community with real-time NFT blockchain events, Passage-Live.io dedicated to the Passage blockchain, and Archway-Live.info, the first of such tools on the Archway blockchain.

We also provide Sentinel, the foremost NFT verification tool for Discord, providing support to the Stargaze and Passage blockchains. Our Blockchain Event notification feeds supply more than 25 Discord servers with real-time NFT events including sales, listings, mints, burns and more.
Sentinel Polls is a Discord-based application that provides NFT projects with the ability to run DAO-style polls on their servers, where votes can be weighted by the number of NFTs held by voters.

Our Validation Services

We provide validation services on the following blockchain networks:

Block Explorers

Our ZenScan series of block explorers provide detailed blockchain data:

NFT Explorers

Our NFT explorers provide detailed analytics for NFTs on the Stargaze, Passage and Archway blockchains, including live mints, sales and listings:

Discord Applications

We provide premium Discord applications that help NFT projects and their communities alike keep track of NFTs: